Welcome to the Minnesota Society of Health-System Pharmacists' webpage!  MSHP is a state professional pharmacy organization affiliated with the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP).  We are a member driven organization with over 1,200 members consisting of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, residents and students.

Our mission is to help people achieve optimal health outcomes through support and advancement of the professional practice of pharmacy.  We do this through continual advocacy, education, and innovation efforts.  With five Affiliated Regional Societies and eight committees, our organization strives to stay in touch with members from all areas of the state and provide opportunities for involvement for all levels of expertise.

Be a part of this professional organization in Minnesota and become a member of MSHP today!  If you would like to learn more about MSHP, please call the MSHP office at 1-800-906-MSHP or email mpeterson@mnshp.org.

MSHP Events:  For additional information on all upcoming meetings, please check out the EVENTS/CE tab on MSHP's website.  We hope to see you at upcoming MSHP events! 

Minnesota 2019 Session Preview & Legislative Update 

Click HERE for 4-15-19 Legislative Update and HERE for the 4-15-19 Tracking Report.

Click HERE for 4-11-19 Legislative Update and HERE for the 4-11-19 Tracking Report.

Click HERE for 3-31-19 Legislative Update and HERE for the 3-30-19 Tracking Report.

Click HERE for 3-25-19 Legislative Update and HERE for the 3-22-19 Tracking Report.

Click HERE for 3-15-19 Legislative Update and HERE for the 3-15-19 Tracking Report.

Click HERE for 3-8-19 Legislative Update.

Click HERE for 3-4-19 Legislative Update and HERE for the 3-4-19 Tracking Report.

Click HERE for 2-25-19 Legislative Update and HERE for the 2-22-19 Tracking Report.

Click HERE for additional information on Minnesota's 2019 Session Preview and Legislative Activity update.

Click HERE for an update of the legislation that is being tracked on your behalf. Along with the tracking, you will find a list of bills currently scheduled to be heard in the upcoming week.

Please note, the legislative schedule is fluid and bills may be added or removed from a committee schedule at any time. For the most up to date committee schedule, you may use the following link to the combined legislative calendar.


MSHP Pharmacy Advocacy Fund

Please consider supporting MSHP's advocacy efforts by DONATING to the MSHP Pharmacy Advocacy Fund.  If you prefer, you can download the Donation Form and submit this with your payment to MSHP.  For additional information on MSHP's Pharmacy Advocacy Fund, click HERE



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