MSHP Presidential Updates - Brandon Ordway, PharmD, MS 

October 2019

Since our Leadership Retreat in June the MSHP Strategy Group has been hard at work building the MSHP Operating Model, defining our goals, and creating the plans to achieve those goals.  I will review in detail each of the MSHP Operating Model pillars below.

Money and Growth

Matt Wolf and Jason Christiansen are leading the work for this pillar. Our goal for 2019-2020 is to increase our operating margin by 2% over the 2018-2019 results. To do this we are focusing on three key areas. First is to continue making improvements to the reverse expo to add more value for both our vendors and health-system participants. We’re also considering re-branding the event to ensure all vendors can participate if desired. The second tactic is to move some of our cash reserves from low-yield savings to higher-yield Certificate of Deposits (CDs). Third,  we’re exploring opportunities for non-traditional (i.e., non-pharmaceutical) vendor partners as exhibitors at our conferences. We have a lot of students and residents that visit our vendors and we think that financial service companies or car dealers, for example, may find interest in that audience. Finally, to speak to the growth aspect of this pillar, it’s worth noting that over the last decade MSHP has been very successful financially but we haven’t grown our base pharmacist member numbers. I mentioned this statistic at our retreat, but I think it’s worth sharing with all of our members. If you add up our pharmacist members plus MPhA’s pharmacist members together we only have about 10% of the total members compared to that of a neighboring state’s pharmacy organization pharmacist members. This is our opportunity and the growth challenge for Minnesota professional pharmacy organizations.  READ MORE

Minnesota 2020 Legislative Session Summary 

Click HERE for MPA 2020 Legislative Summary and click HERE for the 2020 Minnesota Legislative Bill Tracker.  

Minnesota Legislative Weekly Report (2-29-20)
Minnesota Pharmacy Alliance Legislative Update (3-1-20)

Please note, the legislative schedule is fluid and bills may be added or removed from a committee schedule at any time. For the most up to date committee schedule, you may use the following link to the combined legislative calendar.

Minnesota House of Representatives Passed Emergency and Longer-Term Insulin Assistance Program

Emergency and Longer-Term Insulin Assistance Program

MSHP Pharmacy Advocacy Fund

Please consider supporting MSHP's advocacy efforts by DONATING to the MSHP Pharmacy Advocacy Fund.  If you prefer, you can download the Donation Form and submit this with your payment to MSHP.  For additional information on MSHP's Pharmacy Advocacy Fund, click HERE


Minnesota Board of Pharmacy - Frequently Asked Questions:  COVID-19

ASHP Expands Access to Online Resources to Everyone

ASHP CEO Blog: Update on COVID-19 Response and Developments

In his newest blog post, ASHP Chief Executive Officer Paul W. Abramowitz updates members on several new ASHP initiatives to support pharmacists as we work together to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

CDC's COVID-19 Information   

Minnesota House of Representatives Media – article on COVID-19 Emergency Funding Bills Passage

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development has created a dedicated webpage for Minnesota Employers and Employees.  The website will be updated as additional programs and services are made available.  The site provides guidance for those employers and employees impacted by yesterday’s announcement on business suspensions.

Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development – COVID-19 Employment Related Advice

While the Legislature has adjourned until April 14th, Senate Majority Leader Gazelka announced at the conclusion of this morning’s session the Legislature is tentatively looking to return for a “check-in floor session” on March 26th.  In order to meet prior to April 14th, all four legislative leaders must agree to return.   Senator Gazelka promised to give at least 48 advance notice before any session takes place.  There are a number of rapidly developing issues related to the Coronavirus which may need immediate attention from the Legislature. 



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